How do I know if my child is a U12, U14, U16, or U19?2015-12-30T19:36:19-05:00

U stands for Under as in Under 14 (U14).  EX: If your child was 14 on or after January 1st of this year, then she is a U14. However, if she was 14 before January 1st of this year then she would be a U16.

What if my son/daughter has never played?2015-12-30T19:35:53-05:00

Great, we look forward to the opportunity to coach beginners. He/She won’t be the only beginner.

We can make a few of the dates. Do we have to pay for all 6?2015-12-30T19:33:16-05:00

You can pay for a many as you would like in advance, or pay as you go.  Come to as few or many as you want.

What should I bring to Skills Academy?2015-12-30T19:32:03-05:00

Shinguards, Hockey stick, Cleats/Turfs, Tennis shoes, Sunblock, Mouth Guard, Water, GK bring equipment

I would like to watch my child play a game, can I watch?2015-12-30T19:28:10-05:00

We encourage parents to watch the night games and the last day of play. The schedule will be posted during check-in.

My child is a resident/day camper, when do I drop her off and pick her up?2015-12-30T19:21:06-05:00

The time is usually 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. but this is subject to change. We will give parents a resident/day camper itinerary during check in.

Will I get the roommate I asked for?2017-08-09T15:32:32-04:00

We will do our best to accommodate your request. You may room with one other person. If you are in a group of four (4), you may request the other two to be your suite mates. Your rooms will connect by a bathroom that the four of you will share.

Will I be with my teammates and friends?2015-12-30T19:19:36-05:00

Maybe…skill groups are based on skill level and age. While it is likely that you may be placed in the same group, we believe meeting new people, making new friends, and learning at the appropriate level are all part of making the experience fun! However, we will do our best to put you with your teammates during night games!

As a coach, can I send a whole team? Do you offer a discount?2015-12-30T19:19:16-05:00

Yes, you can send your team but they may not be in the same skills group. They will play together on the same night team. Even if you only send 5 members of your team, we will keep them together for their night games. There is no team discount, but the Early Bird Special for Resident/Day is $345, and Overnight is $469.

Where do I go? How do I check in/check out?2015-12-30T19:18:54-05:00

Most of your questions will be answered after receiving your confirmation e-mail.

What do I need to bring to overnight camp?2015-12-30T19:31:24-05:00

What to Bring: Shinguards, Hockey stick, Cleats, Turfs, Tennis shoes, Sunblock, Mouth Guard, GK bring equipment, Water bottle, Blankets, Pillows, Sheets, Shower Needs, Toiletries, and Clothes to workout in.

How do I know what size stick to get my child?2017-08-09T15:32:32-04:00


Can I get a refund if my child does not attend?2015-12-30T19:17:01-05:00

There are only refunds for medical reasons. A doctor’s note must be sent in order to receive the full refund.

What if there is inclement weather?2015-12-30T19:15:55-05:00

Even when it is raining we are still on the field, if there is lightening there is a possibility that we will be in the Freeman Center but check the field first. In case of a cancellation you will be notified via e-mail or you can check our Facebook page

Where are the fields for SPFH programs?2015-12-30T19:14:52-05:00

For camp, youth camp, club, skills academy, they are located at the CNU turf field facility. Directions are on the Stick Power website or click here.

Community Indoor League (Winter) is located at St Luke’s United Methodist Church (300 Ella Taylor Road in Grafton, VA).

Why haven’t I received confirmation?2015-12-30T19:12:45-05:00

All confirmations are sent via e-mail. So, please check the email address you used during the registration process for your confirmation. If you still have not received confirmation after two weeks, you can call Stick Power Field Hockey at (757.286.5946).